New To Climbing?


Bouldering is  a simple & fun form of climbing that focusses on the movement without the hassle of too much equipment. You don’t need safety equipment like a rope or a harness or even a partner. All you need is a pair of shoes (climbing specific shoes help) and some chalk to dry your hands, and yes we rent shoes for $5 and sell liquid chalk.
Bouldering involves climbing up a 14-foot wall, using coloured holds in sequences that are set to challenge every level and skill. After reaching the top you you then climb down or jump onto mats (soft gymnastic style) at  the base of the wall.
Bouldering provides a thrilling and challenging workout, that tests you mentally and physically!



Beyond the obvious physical challenge, bouldering provides a mental challenge that will get you hooked and coming back for more. Each boulder is set using a specific colour to indicate which holds are part of the boulder. Climbing a boulder problem involves “solving” the sequence of moves you will need to execute to reach the top.
Our head setter Tristan resets the problems (sequences) on a regular basis, keeping  the variety of new and exciting challenges fresh for every time you return!



Bouldering at The Bloc is designed around climbing in circuits. Each circuit includes 5 to 15 problems and is designed to provide climbers with a varied set of challenges from technical walls that are low angle slab climbing to  overhangs with gymnastic style dynamic movement. We even have a massive roof to test your inner monkeys gymnastic skill.
By encouraging our community to come climb 2-3 times a week we aim to help climbers improve their testing strength and technique. this occurs when climbers complete a colour  circuit of a certain difficulty and moving up to the next level.
To keep you motivated and challenged in new ways, our head setter resets a section of the wall weekly. From our beginner  circuit to the advanced  circuit, there is something for everyone