Instructors: Intro to Bouldering

Book Intro to Boulder Course. Only $15, or $8 for members.

Every Monday 6-8 pm.

Liz Mathers was introduced to Bouldering over 20 years ago and had the privilege of learning from some of the most gifted climbers Squamish has seen. She coached at the North Vancouver Hive and taught intro to bouldering at the DT location as well. Liz is passionate about teaching and helping others advance in the sport. You may have caught a glimpse of Liz on the cover of the 3rd edition of Squamish Bouldering Guide Book.


Matt Barker started in climbing in 2003 and has competed in Tour de Bloc and SCBC bouldering comps on and off from 2005-16 including speed provincials and an IFSC training camp where the best climbers in the world where setters, athletes and coaches covering a variety of topics. In 2005 Matt started coaching at Victoria Gymnastics where he continues to coach adults to this day. He has been running strength training programs in South Vancouver Island since 2004 and is currently running specialty programs at Crossfit Victoria and Sidney. 

Collin Gittens started climbing in 1992 and has climbed throughout BC. He is also an avid snowboarder, mountain biker and SUP’er. He  really enjoys sharing his love of climbing with anyone willing to learn.