Covid Measures



To keep our space safe for our staff and members we have made changes:

1.       Capacity Limited (40 people max at any time, this is well under our normal 50% Capacity)

    1. We are encouraging guests to limit their climbs to a maximum time of 2 hours when we are busy to allow other access to the facility.

    2. While our capacity is limited, we are not able to offer free access to spectators or parents of climbers.

2.       Occupancy flow

    1. We ask that all guests always maintain correct social distancing.

    2. We ask that guests stagger their access to the facility to allow for social distancing of 6 feet during admission

    3. You will be required to check in and out for all climbing sessions at the front desk.

3. Communication and education

    1. We will collaborate with Island health in the event of an outbreak.

    2. We will encourage social distancing throughout the facility.

    3. We will also be social media and our website to keep our members informed


4.              Hygiene and sanitation

    1. Staff will be increasing sanitation through regular cleaning of high touch areas.

    2. We ask that the climber sanitizes their hands before climbing and frequently throughout their session(Using liquid chalk with 70% alcohol is effective).